Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Still Battling

Droid! Honestly, you'd think it was the enemy. Sometimes I get a keyboard on the thing and sometimes I don't. I'm all ready tonight to post and there's no keyboard. I'm sitting here on my trusty rusty PC. Thankfully.

The Droid isn't the only thing I'm battling. I've been a bit up and down with the season and such. I swear - I'm going to write some 'Blue' tomorrow. I've got the day off and the bills are sitting on the table. And 'Blue' definitely gets me procrastinating away from the bills. Bless its little heart.

I will have to do the  bills sometime tomorrow, but I will pretend I'll start first thing, then my heart will say, 'Blue' needs some work, and I'll gladly put the bills away and write the rest of Chapter Thirty-one? I think.

Hope everyone had a great holiday season - though we still have one more before the great winter chill - and then off to writing.

Got a big fun thing to look forward to. My one writing group is going to spend two full days together in a retreat-like setting - just to write. Should be great.

Life is a blessing.


  1. A writing retreat sounds like a marvelous thing! I think I want to plan something like that once a week for myself; not only would it help with the writing, but it would help reduce stress in other ways, too. Lately I have been feeling too busy and stressed out to write, but I bet you any money I'd feel less stressed if I took the time to write. Writing is such a blessing -- I think I'm going about this in the wrong way or something!

    Try spending a limited amount of time on the bills, and then move on to Blue.

  2. Rotfl. Going about this the wrong way. We probably all are!