Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Own Web Page

I've been talking with folks lately and the consensus seems to be that - when you become a published author - it is best to have a web page.

Now - you all know I'm in love with my blog. I can't tell you how satisfying it is to write a bit down and keep track of my progress. Also, keep track of what's happening in the industry.

It's not enough. So I'm into investigating webpages. I've got a friend who is a webmaster. She's been getting more and more business as she creates more. That means I will be able to get a webpage up and running as Sharron Walsh within a very short time. Good news.

I hope to keep up with this blog at the same time. This is my history. 

Life is exciting.

PS - That's four things down now, for when I am published. A blog, a webpage, a system for tracking, and a trailer maker. (Yes, we spoke of trailers before. I'm going to be ready for one, once 'Blue' is complete. Oh, I'd love to have one for 'Sorrysorrysorry,' too. We'll see.)

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