Thursday, December 8, 2011


I'm pretty sure to you it doesn't seem like a long time since my last posting. But to me, it feels like forever. I'm so used to posting daily that more than one day away feels like a lifetime.

Pain is difficult to write through. Or even think, creatively. I suppose I should be like Hemingway - just drink through it. I love his one quote -- write drunk, edit sober. 

But pain or no -- the Muse is fed up with this lack of writing and has kicked me in the butt. I'm wondering though, if it's because I've used this pain-filled time in reading. Voraciously. I love to read. I had to give it up for awhile. I find I am not disciplined when it comes to reading. If the book is good, I can't put it down. Sometimes, even if it's mediocre, I can't put it down. That means no sleeping, no eating, no nothing. Difficult to function the next day!

The Muse sent some great thoughts and feelings to me as I sat in the car waiting for the little one to get out of school. Great stuff, IMHO. Enough to make me crave the paper and pen. Pulled it out and began writing and found I have stuff I have to go back and add. Such fun.

It feels good to be alive again. Even if the pain is close to mind-numbing.

Life is good.

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