Thursday, December 15, 2011


Hmm - quandary. Do I write it as magic or magik. It's little things like this that can drive me mad.
Met with my editor today for chapters sixteen and seventeen. She loved them. Made four comments. Easy fixes, too, thankfully. She said keep writing - she can't wait to read more. I told her I was finishing up with chapter thirty-one and she was delighted. Bless her heart!

As for magic - she said I've got to pump up the one section that had a bit of magic. As I've said before, I was told this is definitely a part of the book that is wanting. I vowed to go back and make changes once the book is complete, however, I think I best keep this is mind as I do the rewrites before sending Laurie my chapters. Sustain the magic.

I had to laugh tonight because I thought of a part of the third book. Honestly, I thought I was only going to write two, but Gozon has informed me that he will be needing help. Thus, a third book will be needed. Now, please keep this hushed, for I don't want to give away the fact that Gozon might still be around for the second and third book. *g*
As I've said before, characters can be quite pushy! I suggest imprisonment or a muzzle.

Life is fun.

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  1. "I suggest imprisonment or a muzzle."

    There are definitely days when I'd like to do that. LOL!