Monday, December 12, 2011


I find it bizarre, as of late, folks’ use of the English language.

The television news report tonight stated: ‘The search winded down.’ Now – it’s supposed to be wound. The search wound down. You don’t say: ‘He finded the gun.’ You say: ‘He found the gun.’ Why would you think it’s ok to butcher the English language in this fashion?

In reading folks’ tales, I’ve found the same thing. Or finded, depending upon your perspective. I drived to the store. How on earth? It’s I drove to the store. I catched the ball. Instead of I caught the ball.

I see it everywhere and I’m beginning to get a little frightened. Intelligent people are using these incorrect words. I’ve seen it in books by famous authors. As I said, by newscasters. By politicians.

How on earth are our children ever going to survive a world so askew? I’m supposing it is only going to get worse (or worst) with the popularity of Twitter. And texting.

Now there’s a made-up word, texting, but it’s being incorporated into the dictionary because it is part of new technology.  (MS Word says it’s not spelt correctly here. Ah – that’s another one – spelt vs. spelled.)

But these found/finded, wound/winded, catched/caught words are not.

Just a small rant.

Life is peculiar.

PS - I am not busy ranting all the time. I did write 'Blue' today. Almost finished with Chapter Thirty-one! 

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  1. You are so not the only one who cringes at the butchering of the English language.