Sunday, December 25, 2011

Wasn't Meant To Be

A hiatus, but it turned into one, didn't it?

The season is not the excuse. Been still battling health issues. But I think they might be on the mend. I pray they are. I went to a doctor of naturopathic medicine. She chided me for waiting so long to take care of myself. 

*g* How do I explain that I've got these insane characters who DEMAND time and energy and thought and my very life's breath????

Got on a truckload of vitamins and such. I've had two good days. Today is one of them. Two out of the last six months is a huge improvement. 

I feel like I can think about writing again. Before this, honestly, the brain wept. 

We need strength to write. We do. We need stamina and courage and all those other wondrous things and being sick or not taking care of ourselves is not the way to cultivate creativity.

Cultivate creativity. That's got a nice ring to it. Hoping we all spend the next few days, before the New Year, cultivating a little creativity so that we can ring in the New Year with a truckload of bells and enthusiasm and such!

Life is hope.

PS - A reader helped me get back on the straight and narrow by saying she missed reading this blog while at work. *blushes* Felt good. Bless all my readers - now and forever.

PSS - Maybe the hiatus gave some of you a chance to catch up. *Tag - you're it!* 

PSSS - Merry happy holidays!

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