Friday, December 9, 2011

Feeding Time

Spent most of the day reading others' works. One of my writers' groups meets tomorrow and there was a plethora of submissions. Long too.

I am amazed at the temerity of people. Sometimes I wish I had some. They submit long pieces, one was 32 mgs! AND with only five days to read. That along with others' submissions.

So I toiled away, as best I could. I know I'm getting better at this critiquing. Not doing editing anymore - you know the kind, grammar and punctuation and such. No - this is what I consider real editing. Making sure the characters' voices stay true, that the timeline is not flawed, that the events are plausible within the genre. 

I got to think about 'Blue' a few times and have reread what I wrote yesterday. But I also did a wee bit of fluff and posted that where friends can read it. That was fun. 

Reading away also as there is a contest going on that I usually vote in.

I think the best way to keep 'sane' is to write other things too, fun things, and to read more. That way, the Muse is fed, and then she feeds me! LOL

Life is hunger.

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