Saturday, December 10, 2011

Giraffes Again

Sometimes, I know the Muse is in control. I was going to start sending out the giraffes story about a week ago, but was held back - by who knows what. Well, I presented it today, for the very first time, to my writers' group. One of the dear souls, the youngest one (I think she's 17) and writes so incredibly well, hoorayed when she read it. I got the nicest comments from her - BUT - she discovered what has been bothering me with the last chapter.... The hippos are in the wrong place! I feel so relieved. She hit the nail on the head, so to speak. So I'm changing it from hippos to the giraffes. The two species will meet and become friends, but it really is ALL ABOUT THE GIRAFFES. To have usurped them so. What was I thinking! *g*

Another thing that came to light, one that I had thought might be, is that the folks in my group only read the submitted MSs once. They ooh'd and aah'd over my critiques of the two presented today. I spent a lot of time on them. I always do.

And I do read them at least twice. Once, just to get the feel of the story and how it flows. The second time, to make suggestions. I don't like to mark up a page until I've read the whole thing. Questions can be answered later in the story. Puzzles can be presented early and figured out towards the end. All sorts of things happen, if you let the story progress, and then go back.They all thought reading twice might be a good idea. Go figure. Hopefully, the folk in the group will do that from now on.

A good day all around.

Life is fine.

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