Monday, April 1, 2013


I find I am joy-filled today. No apparent reason. Unless it's the new puppy. Been wanting one for awhile, as a companion, and to bounce my story ideas off. *g*

He's about a year old. A shidoodle. Black with little specks of white and bits of brown for a 'beard.' He is the sweetest personality. But I will confess, I prayed hard that I'd find a 'good' dog. I named him Pippin. He reminds me of the character in 'Lord of the Rings.' A sprinkle of mischief in the midst of loving commitment.

Speaking of commitment, my writing buddy is coming over on Wednesday. She went out of town to complete her synopsis. And she did. We talked via phone about how the 'honing' went. She was very happy that she was able to 'give up' some parts so that it was succinct.

I remember I had to kill off a character a few years ago. I went out of town to do it. I knew I couldn't do it in a 'normal' writing space. I needed to pull away and give myself time to sort through the emotions and such of the deed. It took me three days and a lot of tears, but I killed her off. I think she was pleased at how it worked out. A good death scene. *g*

This writing business is beyond strange. It pulls me into situations and characters and such that I would never see or do in my 'real' life. I have so many incredible experiences in my writing. I go to other places, I meet other people, I live in my writing.

Thankfully, I have discovered this is no aberrant behavior. A lot of writers do the same thing. Not that I am hiding from life, I can't keep my calendar straight most days, but writing brings such an thrill, a sense of exultation, a deep mourning, a cutting into my very being. All of the experiences are incredible Pretty hard, but worth it.

I've got my writing class tomorrow afternoon, so I've got a about six MS to read. I've got to get cracking. I won't be able to do what I usually do - read each MS twice - since I just got them today, but I'll do my best. My fellow students deserve it. And I know they'll do the same for my MS.

I am so behind in emails and such, I can't believe it. But I am editing. That's the important thing.

Life is flowing.

PS - another blasted plot bunny hit me and I want to start on that one. Think it's going to be an adult Romance. We'll see. I jotted the gist down in my text on my cell. *g*

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