Monday, April 8, 2013


I don't understand how I can feel physically sick just because I'm going to send out my MS. I've done it before. Granted, I've received rejections, but nice ones. Some with helpful hints. 

So why do I feel like I'm going to throw up? After extensive research, I found who I want to send 'Sorrysorrysorry' out to. I found a name. I have background for this person. I've written a passionate cover letter. All I have to do is put a  stamp on it and send it off.

*heavy sigh*

I suppose this is change, one way or the other. The editor could accept it and then we're off and running. She could send a rejection letter. She could do nothing. I'd wait for sometime and then I'd send it out to another editor/publisher. Mundane, right?

Wrong! If it's accepted, my whole life will change. I'll be a published author. I'll have to do PR work. (thank goodness I've got my blog and my Facebook account - that's a start). I'll be a success. My family will look at me askance. I'll have to worry about getting 'Blue' published.

If 'Sorrysorrysorry' isn't accepted, the whole rejection process starts all over. I wallow in self-pity. I heal. I swallow my pride and send it out again. And again until it is published. For Martin thinks 'It's delightful.' *g*

I spent the day hiding from my cover letter. I edited 'Blue.' It was a good day. The sun shone and the temps were in the upper 60's and the dog whined the entire time. *g* 

You should have seen the two of us. We went to the park. I had a large coffee in one hand and my portfolio tucked under my arm. I held my purse, my keys, and the stake in the other hand, along with the leashed dog. I prayed he wouldn't drag me too hard (he's not used to the leash). I could just see me lying on the grass, covered in spilled coffee, with a puppy licking my face. *g*

The dog whined some more and so we went for a walk. I finished my coffee and drove home, watched the Indians home opener, and then forced myself to my computer and the cover letter. It went well. Much better than I had thought.

It's ready. I printed it out and will show it to my daughter tomorrow. I'm pretty sure it will meet with her approval. Then ----

Life is tummy-aches.


  1. When I can't deal with the possible outcomes of something I'm about to undertake (and I can imagine quite a few outcomes!), I tell God to take it. I say, "Here, this is yours now, God. Take care of it, because I am incapable of doing this on my own." It really helps me get past those sickening worried moments that keep me from taking that last step to commit to something!


  2. Ah ha! Indeed. Let it go. I can do that. Bless you and thank you for reminding me of this. And - no expectations. *g*

  3. Courage, Honey, you have something really delightful to offer. And here are two in Ireland who pray for you that the editor will recognize it and publish it. And that it will be a great success.
    Off with it!

  4. It's sent. It's off. It's all good. God willing and the creek don't rise. *g* Bless you for your love and support. MOST needed and appreciated.