Thursday, April 25, 2013


Well, technically I'm not writing, but I'm editing. Today's chapters for 'Blue' required extensive writing. I was surprised. I knew there was a lot of embellishment that I had to do with the chapters. I knew I wanted to add a little bling to them. 

However, I was surprised - the Muse loves to surprise - with the little stories that flashed into my mind for these chapters. They're related, but I hadn't 'seen' them. Little remembrances or the smell of roses strong enough to choke my poor hero. 

It was fun writing these chapters. It was almost as if they were a smidgen of the 'real' chapter. 

I spent the day at doctors. I thought I'd be exhausted by this evening, but I find myself strangely alert. It's a nice feeling. I found out the cause of the fog. I'm hoping it will be lifted soon. It's hard to write when you can't see the paper. *g*

I'm hoping to go out of state on Saturday to visit some friends. They are delightful people who exude joy. I am a sucker for joy. I crave it. And I'll slake my thirst for it come Saturday.

My writing buddy comes over tomorrow night and we'll look at the last edit, God willing, of her synopsis. I'm going to share chapter nine with her of 'Blue.' I've got to figure out where I left of with 'The Other Side' and send that off to my Skyline group. I'm presenting at the May meeting. I haven't touched 'Other' in forever. I am driven to finishing 'Blue.'

Life is driving onwards.

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