Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Apps and Maps and Thinking Caps

Sorry I've been incognito for a couple days. I've been working on the map of Darini. I don't have a map-making app, so I've been doing it by hand using Open Office Draw. It's not the greatest program, but it's all I have at the moment. 

Maps are great for fantasy. Or historical fiction. Probably for lots of other writing, but for me, I love to open a book and VOILA - there it is - a map. Just makes me want to the buy the book.

So, of course, I've got to have one myself. Maps are great for my readers, but they're also pretty awesome for me. Trying to keep track of the flora and fauna of my made-up world is insane. I have sticky notes lying about, but the map puts it all into perspective and at a glance.

Draw doesn't let me really draw. For things like forests and volcanoes and such, I had to go to a forestry site to copy and paste their legends. But they don't quite wash. I get a nice little piece of green rectangle. Well, 'Blue' doesn't have green trees, they've got orange pines and pink lakes and purple grass. That means I've got to go into every ellipse that I've made and change the color. Time-consuming. 

I was at the library today and asked one of the computer techs, who are awesome, if she knew of a FREE map-making app. She didn't. I'll have to go looking to see what might be out there. The class I was at was on Google's 'Cloud.' My gosh, my jaw dropped during the class. As did the jaws of those sitting around me. The 'Cloud' seems to be about the most awesome thing going. Of course, I just took one course and I haven't had time to 'view' all the things it offers, but I'm excited. They have a 'draw' thing over there that I'm going to try to use later this afternoon. Excited!

Besides spending time on my map, I've also been editing Ch. 20 of 'Blue.' I've still got aways to go with this. There are two big areas that I've got to flesh out, explode, zap, before I'll be satisfied with it, but I'm on my way. Whoo hooo!

Life is learning. 

PS - Still researching the second publishing house for 'Sorrysorrysorry.' *fingers crossed*

PSS - Pippin is finally learning to do his business outside!

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