Wednesday, April 24, 2013

New Published Author

On a daily basis, I get email notifications that so-and-so is a newly published writer. My mouth goes dry. My heart beats lose their symphonic clash. My mind whirls with possibilities. Oh my! One day.

It's kind of like buying a lottery ticket. You can't win unless you buy one.

Which goes double for writing. You can't be published if you don't write. You can't sit on your butt and think about story lines or fantasize about signing autographs if you don't write. 

I've not been writing for a couple weeks now and it is driving me balmy. I want to write. I've thought of both stories and what the next chapter might be like, but I've not written any of it.

Granted, I've been editing and editing can take up an extraordinary amount of energy. So - you'll give me that? I've got an excuse?

I've also been sending out one of my MS's. Sending out an MS is like trying to climb Mt. Everest without any oxygen and carrying a giraffe on your back. Hideous. Mind-boggling. 

*take a breath, Sharron*

My writers group was such fun today. We spend a lot of time laughing anymore. I like laughing. I'm desperate for laughing -- because usually I'm sitting alone in front of my computer and I can actually FEEL the frown lines growing on my forehead. Perhaps not frown lines but definitely furrowed lines - concentration lines. 

I'm learning that I really must sit back, now and again, and take a deep breath, try to flatten the furrows, and smile. 

Life is good.


  1. It's terrifying being that newly published author, and then it never ends because each book feels like the first. ;-)

  2. I've heard that. No rest for the wicked, huh! But still - I do so hope you celebrated!!!