Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I have been in a fog, of late. I'm not sure the cause. It's not writer's block, as far as I can discern. Health issues have popped up again. Won't go into it.

However, I met with my writing buddy on Friday. She brought her Synopsis. I read it over. Made a few cuts and handed it back to her. I told her it was complete. She was stunned. She'd put so much time and energy into it that she couldn't comprehend it being done. She has a few more words (about 150) to take out to make the Synopsis fit two pages, single-spaced. The funny thing is, once I told her it was done, she said it would be no problem cutting those few words. I had to laugh because my cutting of even one sentence had caused her discomfort. There must be psychological reasons for this change of heart. It doesn't matter. What matters is - she's confident and comfortable with her Synopsis. We spent the rest of the evening celebrating!

I have edited four more chapters of 'Blue.' I made a map of the world that my characters inhabit, but in the midst of it all, I've been most frustrated over the Cloud. I cannot save 'Blue' to it. I'm waiting on the librarian's call-back. She was stymied, too. The 'drive' shows up on her 'favorites' but it doesn't show up on mine. I love good librarians. They are worth their weight in gold. 

I've said it before:  use all the resources available. Librarians are the best. Second, fellow writers (make sure you're talking to ones who are stable and sure of themselves - otherwise, you'll be fighting jealousy). Of course, Wikipedia is good, but not always reliable. There's YouTube and Online Thesaurus and the dictionary, and ten thousand other resources. Use what you can. It's what helps me through it all.

I think I'm going to email an old friend and see if she wants to get together for an afternoon writing session. We used to do those at the local library. We'd get a coffee, chat for a bit, and then write. It always worked. I'd get a lot of writing done. 

I am being kind to myself. I'm not disparaging myself over the lack of any more chapters of 'The Other Side.' I'm focusing on the fact that I am editing and that is a very good thing. I'm finished with some huge changes in 'Blue' and that makes me happy. I've got quite a lot more to do (I'm only half way done with the book), but I know most will be easier, now that I've got the most challenging stuff out of the way.

So though I'm in a fog, literally, I can hear the fog horn. Land is somewhere near, where I can drop my anchor and work.

Life is complex.


  1. Praying you can find the right balance between taking the break you must be needing and continuing to push forward. Sometimes the fog that comes when you need to slow down is important not to ignore, even when you feel inwardly you need to make progress and get back on track. It's hard being caught in the middle of that! You'll get back to land, though, never fear.

  2. At least I've found the cause for the fog. *g* Today has been a good day though. I am grateful. And grateful for your support!