Thursday, April 11, 2013

A Greasy Pole

The folks in Gloucester, MA have a tradition. It's slightly insane, but isn't most fun that way? The object of the game is to reach the end of a greased pole, grab the flag at the end, all without falling into the water. One of the folks from my hero page, Diane, wrote an article about optimism and the greasy pole was part of her writing.

I'm thinking the game of getting published is about the same. Insane, crazy, and slippery.

I grew up in a family where secrets festered in closets and basements and such. Since I became an adult, I've made it a part of me, like breathing, that truth is the most important thing, next to love, in our universe. I suppose some would say I share too much. Perhaps I do. However, the struggles I go through in my writing life and now the struggle to get published are too important to me to 'hide' if my struggle can in any way help another. 

So -- today I sent off my Ms for 'Sorrysorrysorry.' My daughter and my son looked over the cover letter. My daughter made some great changes. I knew she'd know what to do about the spot I was anxious about. I presented the MS and my cover letter to my writers group, Pen and Ink. They applauded the MS. Bless their little hearts. They thought the cover letter was good. Some of these women have been through the process of publishing, some will soon be, and some probably would rather be stuck with knitting needles than try it. *g*

I took the MS to the post office and sent it priority - so I could track it without the folks at the publisher having to sign for it. God forbid they wouldn't sign and the MS would be left floating in some kind of outer space. 

I left the post office and felt wretched. My stomach was roiling, even though Margaret made me promise to 'give it to God.' I took a couple deep breaths and let it go. 

I'm going to write a fanfic just for the fun of it. Just to get away from the 'pressures' of trying to be published. I need a break.

'Blue' has been coming along really well. I'm trying to figure out what day I'm going to use as my goal day for finishing the final edit. St. Francis de Sales is the patron saint of writers, but his feast day is January 24th. I'm really, really hoping 'Blue' will be done long before January 24th. St. Meriadoc is June 7th. Hmmm - might use him. Believe it or not, Meriadoc lived in the lands of Rohan. I swear to God!

So I think I'll use June 7th. I'm putting it on the goal side of this page. 

Life is setting goals.

PS - Had a shiver moment at the library today. I showed my granddaughter which 'bin' my picture book, 'Sorrysorrysorry,' would be in, once it is published. *shivers*

Blessings to all. 

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