Sunday, March 31, 2013


Been busy trying to get ready for Easter. I've been wandering, these past few years, and finally decided to return home. Spent a lot of this week at church attending the various services. 

I didn't even send out cards. Honestly, cards and I just don't like each other. I even put reminders on my Google calendar, but then, I slough them off. Shees!

This has got to become part of my quest for discipline. When I start sending out 'Blue,' I've got to keep track of where I've sent it and any (crosses fingers) all responses and then the thank you cards when I get a response. Thank you cards for school visits, for friends writing and saying they've bought a copy. Honestly, besides being rude by not sending cards, it stinks. It's part of the marketing process. 

I'd much prefer focusing on the 'human' process though. My mom never sent out thank you cards and such so I find myself using that as an excuse. Not a good thing to do.

So - I wish you all a very Happy Eastertime. Lots of colored eggs. Lots of chocolate bunnies. And lots of plot bunnies clogging up your brains!

Life is a plot bunny!

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