Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Story Arc

I suppose I should know that a story arc is not confined to my writing. A story arc is part of life. I was thinking about a truckload of pieces/parts to the book I'm editing and the one I'm writing. As I thought about the inciting incident, midpoint, climax, and all the other things in between, I realized that I can and should be using this in my life. This is one of the instances where 'should' is a good thing. *g*


It can be a roadmap of where I've been and where I'm going. I need that.

This week is going to be peculiarly busy in the realm of writing. I promised myself that I would send 'Sorrysorrysorry' to a contact in NZ by my birthday. Well, tomorrow's my birthday and I'm writing the cover letter right now. Thankfully, I can email it. So I can still fulfill that promise.

I have a writers meeting tomorrow early afternoon, a writing class late afternoon (where I will present Chs. 4 & 5 of 'The Other Side,' a writers group (new - SCBWI - I'm really looking forward to this), my writing buddy on Friday night, and Saturday is the large writers' group, Skyline, where I'll be presenting Chs. 6, 7, & 8. Phew!

In the midst of all that, my latest Writers' Digest came. I'm trying to get through it. There are a truckload of great articles. I'll write about them perhaps tomorrow. I'm so glad my friend got me this magazine. I usually try to read it at the library, but having it here at home, being able to turn and fold the pages, underline and circle things that are important to me right this minute, and having the magazine open right next to me is really awesome.

I don't know how other authors do it. Trying to fit in reading is quite difficult. With the ice and snow and the grey skies, life's been full of roadblocks. I finally decided to take the magazine to my favorite summertime picnic area and sit there, with the car on (sorry about ruining all my 'green' intentions) and reading. It's great.

Lifeis a challenge.

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