Thursday, March 14, 2013

One Of Those Days

I've been putting something off for awhile. Something 'onerous.' Something I know I had to do, but couldn't work up the courage or the strength to do it.

I read Ch. 4 of 'Blue' to my writing buddy on Thursday night. She is usually effusive with praise. I was not prepared for: "It's good - but a little flat." FLAT? I have my best bear scene in the midst of it. She said she loved the bear scene. Surprises of surprises, for she is also my dialogue student - she said she thought there was too much dialogue. Now - this blasted chapter is full of exposition. I've gotten away with three chapters of explaining with little description, but the stuff has hit the fan and it was high time to add some exposition.

I hemmed and hawed all week-end, trying to figure out what on earth I could do with the chapter. I finally gave in and read it to my daughter, whose opinion I respect. She said she could see where it might seem flat, but it wasn't. She did say she thought there was too much dialogue.

Good grief! My forte. My specialty. My joy.

So I spent the entire day working on the chapter. I added some more dialogue and then re-read it. Sure enough - though I'm happy with the amount of dialogue - I put in more description. The dragon is flying through the air and this is the heroine's first flight. Of course I should put in what she sees, hears, and feels. That was easy. The part about where they landed. Added the turrets that could be seen just over the treetops. Added a few other things besides. Yep. This is working. I think I'm done with it. I think I'm ready to read it to my buddy again (tomorrow night) and see if she thinks the chapter works.

The last thing, before putting this chapter to bed tonight, was reading it out loud. It worked.

Better than that, I was worried about Ch. 5 and read that out loud tonight. It's perfect. I think. *g*

Life is perfect.

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  1. I love and hate that kind of feedback. It's discouraging, and yet I know it makes the story better, which is ultimately what I want. Go you!