Monday, March 4, 2013

Deep, Dark Secrets

Drat it all! I'm so naive - sometimes I could kick myself.

Granted, I'm probably not the only blogger out there to just now discover this, but I'm still surprised, daunted, and sad.

There are bloggers who pay others to write their blogs.

Ok - there it is. I've said it.

I know. Horrible isn't it? Well, to those who do it, it's probably a sound business decision. But really! 

I read about this in an article in the February, 2013 issue of Writers' Digest. 

Awhile back, I was saddened to discover that James Patterson pays folks to write the Alex Cross books. I was saddened when I discovered that a LOT of authors pay writers to write 'their' books. I suppose quantity is important. Especially in the number of paychecks one receives. Tom Clancy is another author that supposedly does this. Romance writers are known for this practice, I've heard.

But to find that a blogger can't write her own blog??? How insane is that? 

Good grief - it equates to my surprise that folks pay 'houses' to write reviews of their books.

What has the world of writing come to? Where is the pride in putting forth a piece of finely crafted words?

In this day and age, I will never equate success with the number of hits a blog has. I will never equate success with the number of books an author has sold. I will never equate success with the stellar reviews a book receives.

A piece of my heart has been torn from me. 

Life is disappointment.

BUT - I can't end this on a negative note. I'm writing my own blog. I'm writing my own books. I'm having fun doing it.

Thanks to all my readers. Unpaid. You have my love!

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  1. I knew about the books; I didn't know about the blogs. Wow. Sad.