Tuesday, March 26, 2013


I don’t know what’s happened to my brain. It’s been in overdrive for the last couple of days. The roadblocks are gone!

I told myself, two days ago, that I was looking forward to editing the next chapter of ‘Blue.’ I did feel good about it. I sat down and edited Ch. 11 and then went on to Ch. 12 into the early morning. Ch. 13 and 14 demanded I spend time with them. I felt good, tired, but really good about doing the chapters. Not the least nervous or scared or put off by them. I truly don’t know what has happened.

Today, as I sat down to finish Ch. 14, I felt a moment of apprehension. BUT – I said to myself (not out loud – though that has happened on many occasions), I can’t wait to finish Ch. 14. And I did.

I wrote this a few hours ago. I couldn't get away from the story and edited Chapters 15 through 17. 

Chapter 18 is going to be a bear. I'm glad I had this 'growth' spurt. Hopefully, it will tide me through the next chapters.

i've added a new character and now I've got to figure out why. *g* Time to learn more about our core characters, too. Should make for an interesting week. Or more. *g* 

I'm hoping there won't be too many roadblocks. 

Life is exhilarating!

PS - Excited!!! Made a discovery, using the internet, over at the old ‘Online Etymology Dictionary.’ If I type in a word, it will not only give me the specific word, but it will offer a bunch of words that are related. So I typed in armor and got armor, greave, panoply, bracer, and all manner of awesome pieces of armor for my character. You know, I used to have to look up piece by piece, name by name, not realizing the great tool this site is. Whoo hoo!


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  1. Good for you!

    Love, love, love Online Etymology Dictionary.