Saturday, March 16, 2013

Loose Ends

Well, they're still having a hot and heavy discussion over at the SCBWI group at LinkedIn. About writers/illustrators being paid for their wares. Not many people that I know are able to 'live off' their writing remunerations. Someday!

As for 'Blue.' I met with my writing buddy on Friday night and she read her synopsis. She's almost done with it. It looks like wedding bells will be in her near future so I tried to goad her on to finish the synopsis before she has to try on dresses, sample wedding cakes, and throw stuff out from where she's living now so she's not taking things with her that are useless.

Oh yeah. Back to 'Blue.' I read her the revised Ch. 4 and she liked it. Phew! It did work. 

When she had suggested it needed revision, my poor brain fell apart. All I could think of was major revision and how on earth I was going to do it. However, once I got up the courage to edit it, I found it was easy. (good grief - I hope I'm not repeating myself.)

Be that as it may, I made the changes she suggested Friday night and the chapter flows well. I'm also pretty happy with Ch. 5.

I noticed on my right side bar that I have not kept up with my 'promise' for writing. 'The Other Side' got put on hold while I was tackling 'Blue.' 

I went to the library on Thursday and spent a few hours looking through picture books, trying to find the rhyming ones, and writing down the name of the book, author, publisher, year, and location. I read the books, too, and most were pretty good. I find some are not to my liking. Also, they's a tremendous amount of counting books published for kids. Amazing.

I'm sending out the giraffe book as soon as possible. 

I really, really am worth being published. Yes, money means a lot, but having a blasted book finally have a contract will be heaven!

Life is striving.

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