Saturday, March 23, 2013

Still Here

I've started chapter twelve of 'The Other Side.' Finally. Writing can be complicated. I think I might have to put up some more sticky notes so I don't lose track of where I'm heading with this. I've got two main characters (well - a protagonist and an antagonist) and now the Muse has decided we need two different terrains. Yikes!

*holds up hands to diffuse panic* It's alright. I can do this.

Today is an Easter egg hunt so I'll be away for awhile. Being child-like every now and then (the little one forces me to play) is great for the imagination. Play is important. We as adults don't do it enough. I don't consider Angry Birds as play. *g*

There's a good article at the link below. Writing used to be play, but now it's not. I need to play with my writing more, write just plain old fun stuff as a break from 'Blue' and 'Other.' I think this will be more important the further along in the 'publishing' process I go.

Back to work for the moment. I've got 'Blue' edited through Ch. Ten. I am getting into the nitty-gritty of the changes. From now on, I've got to concentrate on the characters being added as I go further into the book. I've got a dragon or two who are characters themselves. Getting the nuances of each one, why I have introduced them and what part they play in the story has to be fleshed out more. I'm working on it. I'm not feeling as inundated as I did when first my editor slammed me with her comments. No - I love her and the additions she wants are important. They grow more important the more info I put into the story. A paradox. Ah ha!

Life is fun.

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