Sunday, March 17, 2013

Odds And Ends

Happy St. Patrick's Day!
First – a very Happy St. Patrick’s Day to one and all. This is a very nice holiday in that anyone can ‘be’ Irish for the day. How hard is it to find a piece of green? In my city, you can find carnations and hats and ribbons and all kinds of green trappings to help you ‘appear’ Irish. I love it.

Ways to earn some income from what you do. 

A blogger friend is teaching a course on beginning blogging.
Hm. I could do that, too. I’ve been tweaking this thing for a couple years now and have even figured out how to put pictures on the front page. In fact, I’ve figured out how to make pages. Hallelujah! If you need to learn, go to Ginger's page and sign up. If you are good at it (a friend of mine is even a webpage designer), try it for yourself.

Writing ads for greeting card companies. Not a lot of money, but it adds up over the weeks and months.

As noted on another post, you can even write someone else's blog and get paid for it. 

How about reviews? You can write reviews and get paid for it. Some writers will even pay for a 'not-so-good' review.

Teach. As noted above, you can teach blogging, but you can also teach beginning writing (or more if you're more experienced). You can teach dialogue writing (which is what I do). Plot, settings and such are all things that a writer must hone. We can teach those things.

How about entering contests? Writers' Digest has one almost every month. I'm sure you can find one that matches what you like to write. 

There's also the freelancer. Boy, that takes a lot of work, IMHO. I'm sure it's lucrative and once you have your foot in the door, so to speak, you just keep piling up 'successes' for your CV.

I'm sure there's more - lots more for the creatively inclined. 

As for me, I'm editing 'Blue.' I'm writing the next chapter of 'The Other Side.' I'm focusing on what I know I'm good at, for the moment.

Life is full of change and learning and adventures.

Life is creativity.

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