Sunday, February 10, 2013

To Be Or Not To Be

My goodness, I have never stated that I am writing the great American novel, but I am trying to write the very best I can. For my sake and for my readers.

I've been watching PBS' Shakespeare series these last few weeks. My dad brought us up to love Shakespeare. Our city had a great festival every year dedicated to the bard, and though times were always tough, we went to at least one play per season. 

In the evenings, my dad found copies of the plays and we would pass the book around and read the plays. Each of us had a part. Sadly, I don't recall who I was so many times, but I'll never forget the experience. 

I was watching Hamlet tonight and realized my heroine can be even better. I don't think of 'Blue' as being based on a fairy tale. I'd much rather delve a little deeper and have her more like Hamlet - yet - I can't let her die like he did.

As a writer, I've found I must keep my eyes and ears open and watch and watch and consume everything I see and learn so that my writing will have a depth to it. 

Life is a challenge.

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