Monday, February 25, 2013


Not sure why. I've been fighting a sore back. Went too far swimming and feeling it now. That shouldn't be keeping me from writing though. 

I went to a dream workshop. It was interesting. We were told to look at our neighbor and figure out what kind of an animal they were. Then, what kind of a landscape they looked like. Then, what kind of flower they looked like.

We writers in the group had a definite advantage. We're used to imagining things. I found it an interesting experiment. I took the idea back and looked at my characters like that. It gave me further insight into them.

Some writers I know have been having a discussion about how far an author should delve into their characters. Some even suggested we do an intelligence test on them, like the Wechsler, and personality tests. I do have to smile, for I know I have the tendency to look at my characters as 'real.' 

I've done a numerology study of my characters, but I think that's about far enough. Their backstory, I think, is more important. Perhaps a family tree. Definitely who their family is and where they are in it - oldest child, etc. Happenings that formed them, like displaying courage at a young age, running scared from a dog, things like that.

I'm still working on these folk. It's important to know them.

I have to apologize to myself for not hitting one of my goals. I missed doing Chapter Ten in 'The Other Side.' Drat it all. I've got it complete now, well, not quite complete, but it's done. It will require tweaking. But I always tweak. It drives me slightly mad. I'm back on schedule. Almost. 

I sent off Chapters six through eight to my writers' group. Looking forward to the feedback. Glad I am weathered enough to be able to be glad.

Life is schedules.

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