Monday, February 11, 2013

The Tempest

After yesterday's post, I wondered what I could do with Kathleen to bring her out and show that her needs and wants and goals are pretty much universal. To that end, I delved deeper into her psyche. I know kids struggle with who they are and what they want in life. I had to show it even more than I already had. I had to be fearless in this, much as Hamlet is ripped open for us to see in Shakespeare's play. I like what came out of yesterday's delving. Also, had a great time making her aunt (who does kill her mom and dad) become a fuller character - not just a caricature. Like Hamlet's uncle (who kills his dad), there is more to the villain than meets the eye. It's a fairly easy thing to make a villain villainous --it takes endurance to make a villain evil. Bwwaahhhhaaahaaa....

Today, I'm in the midst of the Tempest. Outside and inside. Watching another PBS special while the wind whips outside. I've always liked The Tempest because of the magical element and the wizard. Yup, I think of Prospero as a wizard. The architect of my condo must have loved magic and such, for the lay of the buildings is such that, no matter how minuscule the wind, it becomes a howling torrent outside my door. I sit, sometimes, and wonder if the window will break. Today is a good day for the winds are gusting around 50mph. Sounds more like 100mph. I swear there's a tempest outside. 

Watching the BAFTAs tonight, I am awed by the fact that everyone gets rejected. Even those we consider unapproachable, impossibly talented, and totally successful.

I must continuously remind myself that 'Blue' will sell one day and be read by that boy or girl who really needs it. And that 'The Other Side' will be made into a movie and I'll watch the Oscars and smile as 'my' movie wins.

Life is hope.

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