Sunday, February 3, 2013

Critique Groups

Or even friends.... 

There's a great article at the link below discussing the Top Ten worst type of critique partners. Good grief - most of it is so true. I love the beginning sentence that states. "Finding a good critique group is like internet dating. You have to be very patient and wiling to endure a few (sometimes more than a few) bad encounters."

As I've stated here before, I've had some 'interesting' interaction with critiquers (even at large conferences where I've PAID to be lambasted). I went into my first group and my first paid critique with blinders on. I should have, could have, would have..... I learned from the tears and the self-flagellation to put on a bit of armor before forging out into the real world again. I'm very happy to say, I've been reborn, so to speak. I can handle just about anything.

I think the process is part of the fabric of becoming an author. I must learn to deal with criticism and harsh words, all the while growing in self-respect and confidence in my writing and what I'm about. I cant' believe that this process will not help me in the next phase of my writing career: finding an agent and landing a contract.

Life is hope.

PS - worked on the little ones blog and learned quite a bit about adding pictures and new pages. A bit proud of myself.

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