Saturday, February 16, 2013

A Good Start

Drat it all! It really was a good start on Chapter 10. It worked. It moved the story on. 

BUT - isn't there always a but? I realized it was needed in Ch. 9. So I moved it. Thank goodness for cut and paste. It made Ch. 9 so much fuller, deeper, better. But - and there it is again - it was frustrating not having Ch. 10 started. Such is life. I will go on.

In this book, I'm writing from two different points of view. I've not done that before. I've written stories with multiple POVs - even up to five and 'Blue' is from one POV, but this one calls for two. I find it challenging and very interesting. My editor told me to use chapter titles to keep my readers aware of 'who' is the speaker for each chapter. It makes sense, though it feels odd to me. I make it a point to have the speakers name in the first sentence or two of each chapter, thinking this would work, but she's right, as always. The more I can do to keep my reader from wandering about wondering the better for keeping them riveted and IN the story. 

I've got to get back to editing the next chapter of 'Blue.' I know what's  keeping me back. I have way too much enthusiasm for the story and chomp at the bit, so to speak, of editing. I'm afraid I'll miss things I should be writing and adding and taking away and such. Editing is so incredibly important and the changes my editor suggested are wonderful and necessary. Yet, I feel myself hiding under the covers when it comes to 'Blue.' 

One of the good things about editing is that I am learning more and more of the craft of writing and thus, 'The Other Side' benefits. It will be easier to edit. 

I wonder if folks who have published find it easier to write the next book and the next and the next. Not because they have the security of being published, but have the working knowledge of the hows and whys of writing.

Winter has returned full throttle and I find myself 'cabin-bound' this day. This is a good thing, for I am taking a break and reading some friends books and such. It is good to go to 'other' worlds and relish others' words and characters.

I'll return to Ch. 10 of 'Other' tonight for I have a deadline to meet. *g*

Life is beautiful.

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