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A buddy and I were talking today. We both know we are putting roadblocks in our way. WE are. Not somebody else. These roadblocks are at least as big as the one in the picture above. Perhaps even bigger. *g*

I did a Goggle search for roadblocks/writing and found that the articles are all about writer's block. 

We both don't think that's our problem. My friend is not a writer, per se, she's a quilter. So it's not writing that's a problem but accomplishing a major task. Finishing a quilt. Mine is finishing/editing my books.

So I searched roadblock/success. EUREKA! This is the problem and this is the answer. Here's one of the better links. 

Considerations that block the completion of a project. 1) will take a lot of work; 2) require lots of money (not really - time in this instance); 3) no one's done this before. Yup - each quilt is different; each book is different. 
Fears: 1) the project will fail; 2) no one will support me; 3) I will be mocked.
Obstacles. The author's obstacles don't match mine - nor to they match my friends - BUT - I can figure out my own obstacles and overcome them. I know I can. I do love this line: Obstacles are necessary, and the process of growing bigger than your obstacles prepare you for success

Another site suggests that Money, Time, and Fear are the roadblocks to success. Kind of like above, but not quite as eloquent.

All right - perhaps roadblock and writer's block are the same, or distant cousins. Whatever. The path laid out with the three roadblocks makes a lot more sense to me than what I read about writer's blocks. I'm pretty sure I can use it.

Webster's dictionary: Roadblock: something that blocks progress or prevents accomplishment of an objective.

Webster's dictionary: Writer's block: a psychological inhibition preventing a writer from proceeding with a piece.

Life is Eureka.

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