Saturday, February 2, 2013


I've written about fear before - probably too many times *g* - but I'm usually thinking about the story and where it's going or making sure my characters are trucking along the way they're supposed to be - you know, not doing anything out-of-character.

Today I was fleshing out Kathleen and I started to weep. She's an abused princess. Writing about the abuse (though not graphic) is  hard. I find I don't want to go there. To delve into what happened to her. For the growth part of the story, I knew I had to begin by showing what she went through that made her so weak and afraid. From that point on, I can 'grow' her into the heroine she becomes. 

I am surprised that I fear writing this part. I don't like violence, though I've been told I write a pretty good battle scene, but writing makes me do things I don't want to do. Writing about the cruelty of one person to another is distressing. I hate bullies. This is even worse, I think. Her aunt is the bullier, the punisher, the horror.

I'm glad to have found out that it's not only fear of the unknown that's making it difficult to write. But I've got goals now *g* and fear or no, I'm pressing onwards.

BTW - not sure if you've seen this website, but I love it. Most of the pieces I write are period-sensitive, which means I've got to ensure the words and phrases I use are appropriate and definitely NOT modern. This site has saved my skin ten thousand times over!

PS - friend the site and you'll get the oddest, funniest, neatest little tidbits of life ever.

Life is deep.


  1. I don't know what I'd do without the etymology dictionary. What a lifesaver!

  2. Indeed! Even before writing 'my-own-stuff' - I loved it. PS - got a thank-you email from the author of the site. Can I squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now? *g*