Thursday, February 28, 2013


I've discovered I was too generous with my goal-setting timelines - both for 'Blue' and 'Other.' I'm finishing earlier than I had thought. I'm going to have to give myself shorter time to write and edit. With Blue, I'm almost a month ahead of my timeline and with 'Other' I'm about a week ahead. That's pretty good news for me, considering I've felt like I've been dawdling. I guess I haven't. *g*

Wrote the back story for the wizards today - both the Wizards of Northrond (the bad guys) and the Wizards of Galen (the good guys). It was great fun. I hadn't even given their back story a thought (well, nothing beyond the last couple decades), but I looked back a hundred years and found the seeds for the schism that sundered the world about seventy years later. I feel so good about this. My friend Margaret commented yesterday about the back story and how, even if it's not used, it's important to have entrenched in the writer's mind. Boy - she was right. Knowing what caused the split between the two factions solidified my story, gave me a depth that I can now write from. 

I also did a bit of research on Navy terms and discovered I should be using 'Mister' when the characters address each other. Also, I had to do away with aye, aye, sir - which I thought was the appropriate response. I discovered it's Aye, Sir. Phew! Glad I got these little 'errors' corrected. The general public might not know the difference (then again, they might), but if a sailor is reading my book (fingers crossed), I certainly don't want them throwing it against the wall in frustration. "How could she write that?"  I'm considering finding a US sailor and asking him/her to read it, once I'm done. I do want authenticity. 

Writing is fun. Infuriating, but fun.

Life is fun.

PS - Finished editing Ch. 7 & 8 of 'Blue.' Whoo hoo!

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