Saturday, December 29, 2012

# 30 Numbers And Words

I've a dear writer friend who makes vows every now and then in regards to the number of words she will write per day/week/month/year. She tries, but she doesn't make it most times. During those times, she changes the numbers she's going to shoot for. And then has trouble reaching that amount.

I know some folks just finished the world-wide November writing challenge. I tried it once and gave up. Mostly because I was writing drivel. At the time, I could sit and write oodles and make the 40,000 (I think that's the number of words for the month) with ease. I decided the idea was a good one, just not for me. I had to get back to the novel I was writing at the time (which I did finish with over 500,000 words!)

Now about this last year, what with the illness draining all creativity from me on too many days, I couldn't make 40,000 in a month if I'd tried. Just wasn't possible, physically, spiritually, etc. etc. etc etc.

I haven't been posting here for a few days because the new story, 'The Other Side,' hasn't been letting me sleep much. I am up a couple times a night writing, thinking, and researching. Driving me crazy, is what it's doing.

The last two days I've written over two thousand words. Now, two thousand doesn't seem like much in the scope of things -- but -- in the midst of it all, I researched Naval officers rankings, hurricane paths, and names. 

The challenge to sit and write with this page staring back at me, sticking its tongue out at me, laughing at me, has been difficult. As I said when I first started writing this adult book, I have no idea exactly where it's leading. It's one of those stepping out in faith things. I find that frightening.

One thing I'd like to remember about this process of the last few days, though some folk would kill to write over two thousand words in two days, it's not as much as I used to write. However, given the fact that I don't know where 'Other' is going, I'm pretty happy about the results so far. Honestly, I'm still not sure if it's going to be a novel or a novella. The Muse knows but is laughing behind my back. I can feel her.

So what I'm trying to say in way too many words -- I won't worry about the number of words added to the story today. I'll plug along and let the story come to me and write whatever words the Muse gives me. (She doesn't count research, silly Muse!)

Life is wordy.


  1. Setting a word count goal doesn't seem to help me much. It would probably be better to set a "I'll spend this much time writing today" goal. The key is actually writing at this point, not me worrying about how much I will write!

    Glad your new story is moving along, hope it will settle down a bit so you can sleep properly. ;-)

  2. Slept nine whole hours, only interrupted once, last night. Whoo hooo!

    PS - glad to see you're writing again. Loved the story!