Monday, December 17, 2012

#27 Briars of Fear

I had a comment from another author, Joseph Saccany, about finishing my book. He was impressed, bless him, and bemoaned the fact that he was yet to complete his own book. I gave him what encouragement I could. BUT - he used this awesome phrase that blew me away. It described, for me, the mindset that has afflicted me during these past two years of trying to finish my novel.

"... wallowing in the briars of laziness, fear, doubt, and perfectionism..."

I don't think I've quite ever heard such an appropriate phrase describing the life of a writer. YET ---

I picture Brer Rabbit in the briar patch. He was happy. He'd tricked Brer Bear. He said he'd been born and raised in a briar patch.

So what looked like a horrible ending to the poor rabbit turned out to be a blessing.

Hmmm - so my briars might be a blessing. Perhaps they help me step back (gingerly *g*) and look at what's happening in my story; perhaps they make me move with more care as I write; perhaps they hide the outside world so I can spend time in 'my' world, creating.

Whatever - briars might not be a bad thing. Especially if I have a pair of clippers! LOL

Life is thorny.


  1. With some help - we can turn anything into a blessing! You are one to me!