Monday, December 3, 2012

Time Change

I'm awfully glad that I don't have time changes in my made-up world. They are a true nuisance. 

Good grief - now I'm thinking about it, I probably should have some - the blasted world is large and there would have to be different time zones. Drat! Another thing to add to the tale.

Time changes. I know we haven't had one in December, but coming from New Zealand is just as interesting. Along with jet lag. It is early summer there. And it was cold. Colder than when I got back home. Go figure!

Last night I woke up at 4am, wide awake. I watched things I'd taped while I was in NZ. This morning, I woke at 3:30am. Just shoot me now! *g*

I was going to start doing the corrections I made in NZ, but decided to work on my synopsis. A synopsis is supposed to be a listing of what happens in the order in which they happen. Sounds simple? NOT!

As always, I trust They suggest writing two: one long and one short. 

Here's another.

Best bet is to spend a good deal of research on this. Writing a synopsis is not fun. And everyone seems to have different ideas as to what the format should be. When I'm ready, I'll go to agents' websites and see what each one wants. Then I'll go with that.

Right at the moment, my synopsis is single-spaced and five pages long. I want to pare that down, but I'll worry about that once I've got the whole thing written. It's pretty 'rough' at the moment. *g*

Well - I'm off to bed. It's 5am. Maybe I'll be able to sleep.

Life is time-consuming.


  1. I've never had to deal with jet lag from NZ, but the lag after traveling from South Asia was probably pretty similar. It's really a pain to adjust coming from that direction! The best you can do is just go with the flow and try to train yourself slowly back into a more reasonable schedule. Hopefully by Christmas you'll be back on track.

    Hope you've seen a doctor about your health issues and that you are back on the road to feeling better!

  2. Seeing doc today. Thankfully, I bought medical trip interruption insurance and am working on getting reimbursed for the cost of flying from a different airport and fees. Blessed, ever-present fees. *g*

    Thanks for the good wishes. Got my fingers crossed for a better Christmas this year.