Wednesday, December 12, 2012


There is a fluidity to doing things. I have discovered this truth. Once you break the fluidity, once you change the  flow, say of a river, it changes everything. The river takes off on a different route, the landscape below it changes. Even the landscape above changes.

The fluidity of my life has been broken this past year and a half by a serious illness. Trying to find a doctor who can help has been a monumental task. On top of that, what with the recession (read depression), finances have been a challenge.

I will tell you this -- I have been more than blessed, too. 

Come 2013 -- I have resolutions to make and to keep. Some I've already started to plan for, some have already been scrapped due to differing circumstances. That doesn't matter. I'll work on the other pieces/parts to the puzzle that will be my life going forward.

I have some huge projects that I intend to concentrate on. My fluidity has been compromised for too long, though, I think you can attest to this, I have still forged onward. I can't forget that I have some tremendous accomplishments from this last year.

So here goes... you, my dear reader, are stuck with having to read this or quickly (run, she's planning) click on another blog.

1) Hug my granddaughter even more. Rejoice in who she is. Try to find someway to connect with the two granddaughters in Utah. Distances today shouldn't make this much of a difference. Invite children over for dinner more often. (Whoa! That means I'll have to cook more.) Love my friends, accept them (and myself) as we are, gift them with the laughter I've been given, and love myself fiercely.

2) Send giraffes out to the guy in NZ. This is a true opportunity and I must be an idiot not to have done it already. *shudders*

3) Find five agents and send out 'Blue.'  (Make changes as soon as my editor gets it back to me so that I'll be ready to send..)

4) Go to fitness center and find a personal trainer to help me get over the initial pain of trying to get my body back into shape. (this year and a half of resting, as prescribed by the docs, has taken every ounce of strength from me.)

5) Find more students, to supplement my income, but also to fire up the creative juices. I find nothing more stimulating than helping others.

6) Edit the biography for the man in NZ. 

7) Have fun and find joy in this life.

Life is joy-filled.

PS - check Progress bar for 'The Other Side.' Whoo hoo! Another chapter finished and another begun. 

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