Sunday, December 23, 2012

# 28 Creative Incense

When I was in New Zealand and around a truckload of creative people, my mind kept screaming at me to write, to create, to live. It was an awesome experience. 

A friend of mine often goes to the Museum of Art, plunks herself down in one of the exhibit rooms, and sucks in all the creativity that went into the paintings in the room.

When I go to a service and there is incense, I breathe it in DEEPLY and put some in my pockets and rejoice in the blessings that flow from it.

Well, I don't remember these things. I don't pay attention to what life is telling me. I want to shake myself (is that even possible?)

It dawned upon me tonight, as I was busy preparing to work on Ch. 3 of 'The Other Side,' that listening to music is the same thing. I'm listening to the creative juices of the author of the piece, the band, the singers, the technicians who make the musicians' music come across the net to me, and the radio station that puts it out. 

Creative juices, incense, music, life -- I vow I will remember. When I listen to others' work, when I see others' art, when I share my story or hear anothers' story, I'm sucking in their creative juices. The Muse loves creative juices. They are like blood to her. It flows through her and out into me.

Listening to Pandora, my Randy Newman channel, and finishing Chapter Three of 'Other.' I don't have a clue as to where this is going but the story is so strong in me that I know it must be written. I think I might work on (don't gasp) an outline for this one. A minimal outline, at least.

Once again, the Muse comes through. I now know where my character is. And that's a very good thing. Chapter Three's been hard to write. I've spent the night listening to music, writing, watching some tv, writing, playing solitaire, and writing. At least I'm tenacious. And that led to the chapter being finally finished. A good feeling. 

Tomorrow's going to be full of Christmas dinner-y stuffy. Kids coming over. Another really good feeling. I'm ready. The house is ready. The food is ready for the next step. 

Life is creativity squared.

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