Friday, December 7, 2012

Done! Fini! Sent! Whoo hoo!

Well, I couldn't stop. I couldn't sleep. I finally got up at 4am and started editing the last twelvish chapters. 

And I'm done and fairly satisfied with it. Not 100% satisfied, but I have this feeling most authors think they can do more, add more, terrify more. 

I sent it off to my editor. Now I wait with bated breath. She's edited each chapter as I've written them, but, of course, I made changes and additions and subtractions. Now, she'll get to read the whole thing at one fell swoop (she didn't have the last couple chapters so I'm excited to find out what she thinks of the ending.)

Being as this is Book One, it didn't end completely. But I think enough to satisfy a publisher. I hope enough to satisfy a publisher. 

While I'm waiting for the editing feed-back, I'm going to start looking for agents. Wish me luck! And -- if you have any suggestions or names, I'm not too proud to ask. We are all in this together.

Speaking of which, I am part of the SCBWI group at LinkedIn and one of the folk there said her editor had told her something pretty neat about editing. She said, if you are only changing words and not the story, you are done. Send it out.

Life is awesome. Friends are important.

PS - It's my mom's birthday. What a great day to end one chapter of my writing life and begin another. Mom, give yourself a hug from me and tell God thank you!


  1. This is awesome news! I think you were wise to send it off now. When it's accepted and approved for publishing, you will have an opportunity to polish up the editing, no doubt! \o/

    Hope your early rising to finish up your book helps you get your jet lag back on track!

  2. Jet lag is still wrecking havoc on me, along with the Hobbit flu. But there is only rejoicing in this (Wo)Man of Gondor's home tonight!

    Bless you both for your support. MOST appreciated. You know you've got mine!