Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Muse

God bless the Muse. She must not like it when I disparage her in public. I must remember that! *g*

If you remember, I was grousing that she had me in a quandary over when to make the change in my character. I spent a lot of time thinking about this, since the Muse was no help whatsoever. Well, that's what I thought at least.

I started writing Ch. 40 last night and she gave me exactly what I needed. 'Where' I had decided to make the change was okay but not optimal. 'Where' she decided, last night, was awesome. And it had a clearly defined reason for the change at that particular moment. 

I love my Muse.

I finished Ch. 39. This is incredible. I am also halfway through Ch. 40 because I had ideas floating about that were more than ready, like a brown-edged over-easy egg, ready to be flipped.

I am  spending some time preparing for this week-ends SCBWI conference. I've been getting lots of emails from the coordinators. I must remember to bring numerous copies of my two stories. I've got to make notes to make sure I know which sessions to bring them to. There are many opportunities at this conference for critiquing and sharing of works. That's pretty exciting. Doesn't usually happen.

Returning to the Four Agreements: Remember -- no expectations. Otherwise, with this much reviewing going on, I'll be a mess. *g*

Not sure when I'll be posting again. Depends if I'm exhausted after Friday and Saturday's full schedule. If so, I hope to post on Sunday. Have a blessed week-end, if I don't see you.

Life is a blessing.

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