Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Stupid Muse

I really have to offer up some humble pie after my gloating - though it didn't seem like gloating at the time. *g*

The Muse sat quiet for all these days and I'm ready to kick her. Finally, last night, I forced myself to stay still and ponder what was happening in the story. I guess I needed a couple days to sit back and chew on it. It's still full of rough edges for Ch. 39. When I get to the castle, which should be Ch. 40, action kicks in again and I'm ready for that.

Transitions seem to be a hiccup in the road. When my characters are traveling and nothing is happening. I like action and I like writing it. I'm figuring out now that I don't like 'action-less' writing. *g* Though progress is progress. Nonetheless, I know I'll be more comfortable once they reach the castle and go into full 'rescue-mode.' 

I spent a good deal of time last night trying to figure out where my hero changes. Not his insides - that's been happening all along the way -- but the outside portion. I had meant for it to happen quite awhile back, but the Muse kicked that idea out. Typical. I finally figured out where I'll do it, but I still am a bit shaky on the why it's done there. The dragon helps. I think she will be the inciting character. Is there such a thing as an inciting character? *g*

I am disappointed that I haven't posted here since Sunday. I hadn't meant for that to happen. And for the life of me, I have no idea why I didn't post. I know I 'meant' to many times. I thought I had. 

Life is perplexing.

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