Friday, September 21, 2012

No Expectations

Had an awesome afternoon and evening at the SCBWI conference. If you get a chance, get to a conference. If you can't afford one, see if they have scholarships or if you can trade volunteering for a ticket. I've not been to one that I didn't learn something. (sometimes, just how to cry without anybody seeing me.)

The critique session went very well. I must admit, the critique leader was my editor, so I was on pretty sound ground. The reason why I decided to present is because I wanted to hear what other 'new' readers thought. 

Well, my editor had only good things to say. Not too gushy. And one small thought. She had not read the latest, re-edited (for the 4,000th time) edition, so I was happy she liked it.

No one else said anything. Now, I find it difficult to sit there and wait (the floor was opened for comments) and no one says anything, and I have to keep smiling. *g* Finally, one woman said the voice of the heroine sounded too young for fourteen. I said thanks, I'll take that into consideration.  Another one ran up to me as we took our break and said this is not the kind of story she reads but she loved it. *phew*

I have no idea whether the others thought it was horrid or so good they were embarrassed or what. It doesn't matter much. I'm learning how to cope with all kinds of situations in regards to my writing. I don't consider it growing a thicker skin, but more a maturation of said skin. *g*

At the dinner, there were quite a few authors lauded for being published this last year. Most of them had more than one book published. My editor had two. It was fun and edifying to hear them tell of their struggles and successes. 

At the end of the evening, my editor sat next to me and I asked her about the 'voice' of my character. She said it was perfect. Now I can go sleep. *g*

Life is upending.

PS - I added another 'speaker' to my list on the bottom left corner. Tina Wexler from ICM. Awesome speaker. Lots of fun to listen to and I filled a whole legal page with notes!

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