Sunday, September 2, 2012

Phew! A Bit Of Success

Edited Ch. 36. Also, made the changes suggested for Ch. 30 - 33. Busy day, but I am off for the holiday week-end. I had some questions that really needed some thought. For instance, I wrote about them having bread. It set off a truckload of wonderings by my critiquers of how on earth they made bread in the wild. I know you can do it, but I thought, "If so many are pulled out of the story wondering about this, then it's not worth the explaining." I made do with a different food and some stale bread. Pulling my readers out of my story for something that really is inconsequential is definitely not worth it. 

And -- drum roll, please. Finished Chapter Thirty-seven today. Came out really well and ended with a cliffhanger. Ah - life is good.

I'm exhausted now. I've still got more edits to do and I have to reread Ch. 37 and edit it. But that will be for tomorrow or the holiday.

Right now - my bed is calling. Hope everyone has a great holiday week-end. And if you live where there's no holiday, I hope you enjoy your Sunday!



  1. How helpful to have people who help you target things that pull the reader out of the story! Sometimes an author simply cannot recognize the little things that don't quite fit because of concentrating on the larger tale. It's great you have people who help you with that -- and that you are able to tweak things and still keep the germ of your idea. ;-)

    I worked hard at Real Life stuff yesterday so that I could have these next two days free, so I'm hoping for some time with my own chapters! \o/