Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Synopsis Yikes!

I'm still in the midst of writing my synopsis for 'Blue.' Hadn't meant to do this, but checking vital stats for the story got me into the thick of it, and now I'm stuck.

I had used guidelines from a website that is now defunct, so I searched the web for another one. Found this from writers digest. Hope it helps. 

There are two thoughts, as far as I can see, on a synopsis. One: write it like the back book cover. This strikes me as impossible. The whole idea of a synopsis is to tell the editor/publisher what my book is about - even telling the secret ending. I certainly wouldn't want that on the back of my book. Why read it if you know what's going to happen.

The other thought is to summarize my book, making sure I use feelings, too. Yikes! When I did my first ever synopsis, for the My Sword series, I didn't include any of my characters' feelings. 

Another point of interest: Keep the synopsis to one or two pages. I've heard that before. The new thing I read recently is to have it be around five hundred words. Another Yikes! Right now, my synopsis is 1,400 words! And I'm only 2/3 of the way done. Major editing before this synopsis gets shared. *g*

Life is a synopsis.


  1. Must be hard to know how to proceed when no one can agree on the proper procedure!

  2. That seems to be the way with publishing, Margaret, a quagmire at times!

    I suppose that's what separates the women from the girls. *g*