Sunday, September 9, 2012


Been rummaging about for the last few days trying to figure out what on earth the Muse was doing the other day with 'Blue.' I've asked her time and again, but she's still not speaking.

I put my dilemma before my writing buddy and she seems to think Flynn saw something and that's where he's off to.

I really cannot have another attack on the characters. Been enough already. 

My granddaughter, she's six, is sure Flynn saw a flying robot butterfly and ran off to chase it. She's such a dear. Put her whole thought into the dilemma.

I think both of these have a good point. I am going to have Flynn see something. I also know what. I've another character whom I haven't written of for a few chapters, a rather disreputable character. I think Flynn sees him and knows he's up to no good. 

I really think this will work. I'm not 'wed' to the idea, for I never expected Flynn to disappear, but I think bringing the other character back is good. I'm just surprised is all.

Stupid Muse.  *g* She's testing me. Trying to make me think outside my box.

Life is complicated.

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