Sunday, June 30, 2013


A little over a year ago, I moved from a three bedroom home with a full basement to a one bedroom condominium. Luckily, my children had helped me 'clear the clutter' from the house about a year before I decided to downsize. When the time came to move, I thought I was in pretty good shape. Not! 

I don't regret the move, but another bedroom, right about now, would be nice. An office. In the old house, I had changed one of the bedrooms into an office. Great light. Day bed for reading. Cupboards for my paperwork. Three bookshelves. I didn't know I was in heaven.

This one bedroom contains everything from the three. Not quite, but sometimes it certainly seems like it. As I posted yesterday, I started de-cluttering. I thought I was only going to work on the immediate 'office' area, and that will be the thrust for the next few weeks, but I now feel the need to de-clutter the whole bedroom. The little one has her own 'craft' drawers, but she fails to keep her crafts in them. She also has a very cute set of drawers in the hall closet (space I could desperately use). Besides that, if you remember, we have My Little Pony's Ponyville under my dining room table, along with another area lived in by Barbie and her friends and accoutrements. 

How on earth I'm ever to downsize the little one, I'll never know. She's also taken over three of my dresser drawers for her clothes. Soon - she'll have my closet, too. *g*

If you can tell, I'm giggling as I write this. I love the child to pieces and would gladly give her the entire condo, if I could. The dog takes what space she leaves me!!!

Today, I thought I'd have the top of the stand cleared off and the entire three drawers organized. I'm getting there. At one point, I did have the top cleared off - until I started pulling things out of the drawers. Neverthemind, I found treasures. Business cards. Pretty flowered ones. I made a draft. They look good. I'll show them to my daughter tomorrow and Voila! I will have business cards. I also found enough envelopes for my MS to last me a life time. I hope I'm still writing in a lifetime. Ah - I know I will be. I can't finish this project before next week-end. Running off for the holiday for some peace.

I found some critique papers from my Skyline group for 'Blue.' I went over them - they were from about six months ago - and made more changes according to their notes. I'm getting closer and closer to feeling that 'Blue' is as close to perfect as I can make it.

Going to print it out for the holiday and read it aloud in the midst of a forest.

Life is special.

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