Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Success In Small Things

I did manage to clean off the top of my stand. the drawers are rearranged, the little one's clothes are sorted and put away, and the wash is done.

On to 'Blue.' We had a thunderstorm roll through the area tonight. I sat with Pippin on my lap by the front door. It was a nice storm. The rain fell in a gentle way for about two minutes and then, the heavens opened and we had a nice gully-washer. I like these kinds of storms. They are unpredictable. I did like the gentle fall of the first rain. The leaves stopped most of it from hitting the ground, but after awhile, they were pushed aside by the weight of the drops. Such fun. 

I rejoiced in the smell. And realized. I could use smell in one scene. It's a nasty storm. The smell of the rain will be the normal smell. Cool and sweet and rainy. Then, once the wizards attack, the smell will change. Ah! I love it when nature pushes me further.

Layers and layers to each scene makes writing such fun. I could leave the scene alone. I know it worked, but the addition of the smell of rain... Later in the scene I've got another foul and heinous odor, but this first one, with the pure smell of rain will make the second part so much better.

It reminds me of the Grand Canyon. You can see the layers of centuries, millennia in the surface of the canyon. It's an incredible sight. If it was all the same, each layer the same, it would be dull.


Use layers, my friends. You know your own life is full of them. Some make life better; some make life worse. We don't want dull, do we? *g*

Life is layers.


  1. This is lovely! I'm working on something where the smell of the sea is mentioned, but it's been so long since I was by the sea, I can't quite remember what it was like. I shall have to do research to try to remind myself of that particular smell, so I can layer it in!

  2. I love it... they've got to invent 'smellnet' for the internet. I can envision wind and rain and volcanoes and all sorts of stuff... but you just can't get the smell.