Saturday, July 13, 2013

Mostly Dead

Not dead, as Fezzik in The Princess Bride says, but mostly dead.

I feel kind of like that at the moment. Good things have been happening. I was away for the holiday (the 4th) and spent a bit of time editing while at a nice secluded cabin. I just got back from another trip (my son's in from Utah and we all gathered for the last few days to renew family ties). I was able to edit a bit on this trip, too. 

The nice thing about this second trip is I finally was able to read my granddaughter's first novel. She's an excellent writer. Her phrases are knock-my-socks off. The novel is unfinished because she couldn't stand the ending. I told her to take it easy, chill out, spend some quiet time in a place that gives her peace, and kick her Muse in the butt. *g*

I'm very surprised and happy with the last few days of editing. I did more than I had expected to do and I know it makes the story richer, fuller.

I read a quote, I think it's from Poets and Writers magazine (I'll look it up later and give you the info) that said the final edit should look at each word and make sure it is the BEST word for that sentence, phrase, paragraph. Interesting. I've heard this before. I do make sure my verbs are active ones, that I use almost no adverbs, and that my adjectives are strong, but I have never looked at each word in each sentence. It most be doable for others, but I'm not so sure for myself. We'll see, for I've learned never to say never. *g*

I sent off the last chapter of 'Blue' to my writers group and missed the meeting. Honestly. We were only supposed to stay with the family until last night, but plans changed and we stayed till this afternoon. My writers group was this morning. I'm bummed. First, because it was my turn to present and second, because I didn't let them know and someone else could have presented. I've never done that before. *blushes*

The SCBWI Regional Conference is coming up soon and the first day (for members) to register is Monday. I've got to spend some time researching the workshops and what I'm going to do. 

Life is hectic. 


  1. Glad to see you back, and really glad to hear you got some good time in with your editing as well as with your family!

  2. Being with the family is a ying/yang thing.I used the 4 Agreements and made sure I had NO expectations. Went well.