Tuesday, July 23, 2013


I'm beginning to wonder if my 'cleaning' of my office is my way of skirting the writing issue. I'm not writing. I can't stand it, but I'm not. And I don't seem to be inclined to write. 

Life has been hectic, of late, but hectic is normal, isn't it? I don't know a soul who sits around eating bonbons and popping grapes. 

I have class tomorrow, and for the very first time, I had to write the group and say I would not present. This is horrid. I could run over to 'The Other Side' and send off a chapter, but I've not looked at it for about two weeks. I think that would not be useful for me or my classmates. 

I've not even edited 'Blue' for a couple days. Wondering if that has anything to do with knowing that it is going to be critiqued at the September SCBWI conference. Am I scared? Well, getting critiqued is always scary. Getting critiqued at an SCBWI event is even scarier. The stakes are higher. I've sent it off to a real agent who will be attending. Yikes! What if she doesn't like it? What if she hasn't a clue as to what I'm talking about? What if she likes it? Whoo hoo!

I am soooooo trying not to have expectations - good or bad. The conference is almost eight weeks away. I'll be a basket case by the time I sit down with this woman. Oh well. I will survive.

Having terrible times with my computer. It's as slow as molasses. I keep getting weird error messages. My printer won't work. My tablet says it's not connected to the internet even though I'm sitting right next to the wi-fi hook up thingee. 

Thankfully, I have a dear man who is coming over on Wednesday. He set up my computer in the first place. I told him all my troubles and he says he can fix them. Bless his heart.

Well, that's about all for now. Except for a quick thanks to my friend Margaret for her prayers for my computer to work.

And a very happy birthday to my buddy in Ireland - Gesine - you rock!!!! Happiest of days.

Life is birthday cakes.


  1. I really do think there's something to be said for not writing if you don't feel inclined. Life has a way of adding up so that eventually you are just carrying around too much stuff and you can't do everything, even the thing your heart wants to do most of all. Let yourself clean your office while your writing brain has a bit of a rest. It's hard to figure out the balance of how much of a break is good, and it's easy to fall into writing laziness, but I really think you might benefit from allowing yourself the freedom of not writing or editing, at least for a couple of days. And while you're not thinking about writing, it will start thinking about you, and you'll be back on track before you know it!

    I'll keep praying for your computer. Sounds like it needs a good checkup, so I'm glad your dear man is coming to work on it soon.

  2. Thank you so much, Honey. I had a lovely birthday.
    I know the situation you are in. Sometimes I don`t want to write, sometimes there are other things to do, sometimes I feel empty. But whatever the reason is for not writing, I am not troubled because the well of creativity is flowing always. It never stops wether you notice it or not. Your creativity is working in the background of your mind relentlessly. And when you sit down again at your computer you will see how the words flow out of you. Trust your inner self. Love from Gesine

  3. Oh Margaret, the computer guy thinks the printer has died. Thankfully, I've got a cheap-print place nearby. But it's aggravating.

    As for writing - I think you're right. I need a good break. A wee bit of vacation just for myself - I've not been alone or at peace for awhile now. Thanks for the support and words of wisdom. You always come through.

  4. xxxooo Gesine. Wish I could have been with you for the big day. You are so loved!

    As for writing *giggles* - the Muse is sneaking around. I'll catch her eventually. In the meantime, I'm going to resist castigating myself.