Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Hanging My Head

I went to class today with nothing to present. Of course, the teacher always asks, if we don't send something. Today was no different. Except - she didn't have anything either. Only two of our little troupe of peeps wrote. One of the girls showed us her drawings for a PB she's working on. That was fun to see. One of our tribe showed us two rejection letters. They were both lovely, if one can call being rejected, lovely. One was a form letter but there it was signed, not stamped, and had a thank-you circled on it. We all decided this was a good thing. That it meant the editor was up to receiving more from our classmate. At the end of the letter was a ps that the editor was now accepting email manuscripts. We were all excited for her. She writes lovely PB's. I so pray she gets published. The other letter explained in detail that the firm has a book being sold in 2014 with the exact same premise as our classmates.' Fascinating, huh!

I'm hoping, once summer is over and sleepovers are few and far between, that I'll be able to focus on my writing. I have a delightful little porch that I can sit on and write. A comfortable chair and a great view. Not enough. Drat it all.

I've not gone through something like this before. I had a stutter in November of last year, but this is a full blown stoppage. I'm not even, most days, thinking about my stories. It is an unpleasant feeling. 

A dear friend, whom I've been encouraging to get back to writing, has. She called me yesterday, filled with excitement and joy, and told me she is doing media advertising and voice-overs. She's so happy to be writing again. She exuded life. And isn't that what writing does to us? Why don't I remember this and grasp life again and write? *heavy sigh*

My little one has her own blog. She's all of six and is as creative as can be. I'm so proud of her. Today, she wrote a poem. Tomorrow, I'll be taking photos of her fashion clothes that she's creating for Pippin, the dog.

Life is sigh-filled.

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  1. I speak from personal experience, that when life gets too stressful, or too busy, it affects one's ability to write. It doesn't go away totally, but it gets harder, and trying to make yourself do it doesn't always work. It is unpleasant, for sure, and aggravating, and makes you feel diminished somehow, but it's not your fault. That's why it's important to let yourself not write for a time, to rest up, because then you'll be ready when your chance comes again. Wanting to write and feeling like writing and being able to write will all come back, so don't worry. It's not really writer's block, this kind of stoppage; it's just too much going on in life and it crowds out the energy and creativity you need to pour yourself into your writing. There's nothing wrong with you except that you are tired and have too much going on. It won't last, it's just for a season, and then you'll be good to go again.

    Let yourself rest now, and when there's less going on, see how you feel. Reread some of your old stories to remind yourself how awesome you are at writing. And keep a yellow pad close by and write down all your ideas, because you'll get them for sure. And soon enough, you'll be able to go back to writing them!