Friday, July 19, 2013

One Word

Honestly, when I first started writing, I loved words. I thought I was pretty good with them. In fact, I know I had a great vocabulary. I used to put a word up on the frig once a week and that would be the word the kids would learn and use for the rest of the week. They swear they've now got a great vocabulary, but can't spell diddlysquat. That's a surprise - no spelling error on diddlysquat.

I have since discovered that I don't know enough words.. I'll never know enough words. But that's good. Makes life interesting and definitely not dull.

I was working with my 'student' last night. Her second to last character biography. Everything went well with the first three paragraphs and then - too many words that didn't flow, that didn't fit. The paragraph said what needed to be said, but, first, it was the wrong POV. Second, it was wordy.

I know teachers have taught writers over the past millennium that every word counts. It does. It's hard to be that focused, but after awhile, I'm finding it's becoming second nature. It also works for when I'm critiquing my friend's work.

When we finished, the paragraph was ready to be polished. The first four paragraphs were awesome and needed almost no work. We were both so thrilled and excited! I know I wanted to scream with joy. She is so close to sending it to an interested agent. I can't wait. Next time we meet, we'll go over her last character and then - she's done. She'll send the bios and the synopsis and the first three chapters....... 

Life is good. 

PS - I am editing 'Blue.' Phew!

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