Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Looking For The Silver Lining

Insane times, aren't they? Life never quite leaves us alone. And for that, I am grateful. I don't do well with 'dull.' I like adventure. Sometimes, I'd like to be able to at least take a wee breath before plunging into the next whatever.

I volunteered at my church to work on their Google calendar. I've only got two months left to input. Communication is so important and being able to see what's happening (and when) at my church and at the school my little one attends made it a priority for me to see that the calendar is/was up-to-date. Took a lot longer than I thought because of the church's firewall, but we got it done. *throws bits of confetti*

SCBWI's regional conference is coming up and I had to spend time researching who was gong to be attending/speaking/critiquing. This process takes a bit of time since our region director really brings in some great names. The intensives are awesome this year - but I want to go to all of them (they are at the exact same time.) 

I found someone to critique 'Blue' at the conference - an agent. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed, but already working to tamp down on expectations. I was hoping to have 'Blue' completely edited and sent out by the end of this month, but that timeline has been destroyed. I'm wondering whether to send it out at all before this agent at the conference looks at it. I meet with my editor/teacher next week. I'll ask her advise.

The dog, Pippin, and I are having some issues. We were on adventures for the last couple weeks and his little psyche, I think, has grown confused. He's now deeming it a wondrous thing to pee in the hallway. Good grief. Bad enough he refuses to poop for me. My daughter comes over in the evenings and takes him for a walk. Good for her and the dog. She's losing weight very well and wants to keep exercising. The dog gives her an excuse.

I haven't done any editing for the last few days. The heat here (as in so many parts of our country) is debilitating. I'm spending time in the pool (the water temp is 85F while the outside air is 95F). Makes for a bath-like swim, but it is still cooler than the air. My air conditioners are working overtime and yet, the bedroom is not cold, but at least it's not stiffling.

Life is hot and cold. 

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